[52], Canzonissima 1968 was a Saturday night prime time variety show that aired on Rai Uno from September 1968 to January 1969. Mogol's and Lucio Battisti's first songs, particularly "Insieme" and "Io e te da soli",[76] showcased Mina's blues and soul skills. [74] Mina's cool act[11] featured sex appeal, public smoking,[73] dyed blonde hair, shaved eyebrows, and heavy use of eye make-up. 3. Lucio Battisti, Storico duetto con Mina, Segnala. It became the best selling album of the year in Italy. Baby Gate Tributo Mina in acustico piano e voce del brano "fiori rosa fiori di pesco" del grande Lucio Battisti. Mina's growing interest in Brazilian music resulted in "La banda" ("The Band"), a Chico Buarque song, which reached #3 in Italy. Baby was chosen as a contrast to her 178 cm height (5 ft 10 in) – exceptionally tall for an Italian woman – and Gate as a tribute to The Golden Gate Quartet. Mina was the biggest seller of 1972. [61], Mina said she would be retiring from public appearances after an exclusive concert at the La Bussola Club on 16 September. Produced by Massimiliano Pani. [33] Disappointed with these results, Mina declared her intention of never performing at the Sanremo song festival again. Mina chronology; 4 anni di successi (1967) Dedicato a mio padre (1967) Mina alla Bussola dal vivo (1968) Dedicato a mio padre is an album by Italian singer Mina, released in 1967. Her first single, "Non partir"/"Malatia", was produced under the stage name Mina for the Italian audience. Lucio Battisti was initially attached to the project but he eventually dropped out.. 8:59. Gli anni di piombo, il terrorismo politico, l’imminente crisi petrolifera, la crisi politica e la strategia della tensione presero il posto dei “fantastici anni ’60”, ma lasciarono, altresì, il posto a due talenti straordinari della nostra canzone. From 1973, her LPs and CDs have been characterized by artistic motifs of the designers Luciano Tallarini, Gianni Ronco and the photographer Mauro Balletti. A papà piace Lucio Battisti. "Io amo, tu ami" ("I Love, You Love") finished fourth and "Le mille bolle blu" ("A Thousand Blue Bubbles") placed fifth. Mina. Ricordo che lessi tanti aneddoti su di loro e guardai numerosi filmati. “Ma quanto sono belle le canzoni scritte da Battisti e Mogol e interpretate da Mina?”, mi ero chiesta. Mina Anna Maria Mazzini OMRI (born 25 March 1940), Anna Maria Quaini (for the Swiss civil registry),[2][3] known as Mina Mazzini[4] or simply Mina, is an Italian singer. The successes encouraged Enrico Riccardi to copy Battisti's style in Riccardi's composition "Fiume azzurro", which earned another place in the top 100 of annual record sales in Italy. It was hosted by Mina, Walter Chiari and Paolo Panelli. She has scored 79 albums and 71 singles on the Italian charts.[9][10]. [19] Their daughter Benedetta Mazzini was born on 11 November 1971. Released May 13, 1994. Video performances of the song were included in the musicarellos Io bacio... tu baci and Appuntamento a Ischia, and in 1990, in the soundtrack of the film Goodfellas. As her songs and movies were already popular abroad, Mina started to tour Spain and Japan,[34] and performed on Venezuelan TV in 1961. [8][22] The writer Edoardo Sanguineti recalled the Italian public's first encounter with the enthusiastic singer as:[29] .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}. Un duetto in bianco e nero colorato da due voci così diverse, così scintillanti, così paradisiache che annullarono tutto il resto, per seicento secondi. Her voice was also present, singing a cover in video's by main sponsor TIM, at the Festival editions of 2017 and 2018. Acquista il CD album Mina Canta Battisti di Mina in offerta; album e dischi in vendita online a prezzi scontati su La Feltrinelli. Musica E Dischi. Ho amato perfino la sua scelta di voler abbandonare le scene, anche se oggi pagherei tutto l’oro del mondo per ascoltarla almeno una sola volta live. The single was released in April 1972 and topped the Italian charts. [35] Mina performed on Spanish TV and at the Paris Olympia hall at the beginning of 1962. La sezione di Rockol con la tracklist e i testi completi di Mazzini canta Battisti di Mina da Rockol.it The lyrics' theme are hollow words. After leaving the stage, her greatest chart successes have been duets. She celebrated the 10th anniversary of her career with a concert at La Bussola, backed by the Orchestra Augusto Martelli. In the following years, he organized her performances in the grand ballrooms of Italy. [46] The lyrics were composed in a dark, Hal David mode. MINA CANTA BATTISTI. Album ∙ Nov ... Mazzini canta Battisti is an … Mazzini canta Battisti is an album by Mina released in 1994. [62][63][64] Gianni Ferrio's Orchestra featured Gianni Basso on tenor saxophone and Oscar Valdambrini on trumpet.[63]. See more ideas about Mina, Italian women, Singer. President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi presented her with the Second Class of the Italian Order of Merit on 1 June 2001. The Mandalorian: L’universo di Star Wars non è mai stato così vivo. Around the time of their collaboration, Mina turned toward middle-of-the-road pop. Finalmente ero davanti alla pagina del motore di ricerca e digitai: “Mina e Battisti”. Maurizio Costanzo and Ghigo De Chiara wrote the lyrics of "Se telefonando" ("If Over the Phone") as the theme for the TV program Aria condizionata in spring 1966. Uscirono fuori pagine su pagine, video su video. In Italian. Due to Mina's refusal to hide the relationship, the singer was banned from performing on public Italian television or radio channels. [56] The single became the third biggest-selling record of the year in Italy. The first episode of the Studio Uno live Saturday night series showcased Mina's new blond look with shaved eyebrows. Nessun dolore Lyrics. A later relationship with actor Gian Maria Volonté ended after she found out about Volonté's affair with an actress. [20] The family moved to work in Cremona in her childhood. Cosa dire?. [7] Swingy and anti-melodic in her early years ("Tintarella di luna", 1959), her singing later acquired high dramatic tones. [12] In a listeners' poll conducted in July 1962 in Germany, Austria, and the German-speaking portion of Switzerland, Mina was voted the most popular singer in the world. Thousands of people turned up at the nightclub's doorstep. She began her career singing pop songs with a "jazzy" feel in the late 1950s. … Gira la testa ragazzi, gira fortissimo la testa. [18] She helped to incorporate new styles into Italian pop music, including nuevo tango, as seen in her duet "Balada para mi muerte" with Ástor Piazzolla. E’ siciliana la new entry femminile in MAEBA-MANIA. One of the first introductions of the new repertoire was the Senza Rete live televised concert from the Auditorio A in Naples on 20 January 1970. Track listing. Lucio Battisti Storico duetto con Mina. [4], British singer Dusty Springfield referenced Mina in performance.[79]. [20] "Niente di niente" ("Nothing at All") was her version of the Delfonics' "Break Your Promise". La mente torna Lyrics . These intertwine the lady's lamentation of the end of love and the lies she has to hear with the male protagonist's recitation. [11] Battisti's melodies were sophisticated and had a complex chord sequence. TV host Mario Riva named her one of the urlatori (screamers),[16][17] for her distinctive timbre and power. La cantava Mina. Ma il punto di non ritorno arrivò dopo i cinque minuti e mezzo. A year later she and her father moved to Lugano, Switzerland. "Un colpo al cuore" ended up as #68 on the best-selling singles chart for that year in Italy. Caspita, erano perfetti, un fiume in piena, emanavano un’energia esplosiva, trasmettevano libertà. Volevo che quel video durasse ancora un altro po’, almeno il tempo di un’altra canzone… Invece finì lì con quel “tu chiamale se vuoi emozioni”. The material provided by Mogol-Battisti was the core for five albums. [19] As required in that country, she took on her husband's last name and her legal name became Anna Maria Quaini. In Italian, T. Crotti, G. Bassi, "Mina prima di Mina", Rizzoli Editore, 2007, p. 64. Marcello Bufacchi, Mina 1958–2005 Ancora insieme, Antonella Giola, Daniela Teruzzi, Gherardo Gentili. Her loud syncopated singing earned her the nickname "Queen of Screamers". [55] Each show was closed by Mina singing "Vorrei che fosse amore" ("Wish It Was Love"), a piece of atmospheric music by Bruno Canfora that was #50 on the best-selling singles chart for 1968 in Italy. Mina (alongside Carmen Villani) pioneered by combining classic Italian pop and swing music with features of blues, R&B and soul music, particularly in the songs "Se stasera sono qui" and "Deborah". The footage was released as the DVD Mina in Studio. When she turned to light pop tunes, Mina's chart-toppers in West Germany in 1962 and Japan in 1964 earned her the title of the best international artist in these countries. The album was recorded in Galbiate and Lugano and was produced by Massimiliano Pani.. Mina Celentano became the best-selling album of the year in Italy, with over 2,000,000 copies sold. The shows also included "Balada para mi muerte" ("Ode to My Death"), a nuevo tango duet with Ástor Piazzolla at the bandoneón, backed by the Argentinian group Conjunto 9. Un giorno ho trovato una sua vecchia foto, era giovane e bella, bellissima, ed era pettinata come Mina, aveva perfino il neo nello stesso posto. [67][68][69], Caught up in the wave of rock and roll sweeping across Italy in 1958, Mina listened to American records[21] and was a frequent visitor at the Derby Club,[70] the Santa Tecla, and the Taverna Messicana clubs of Milan, which promoted rock and roll music. buongiorno con Mina Perché no? Lei intervenne intonando con voce calda Mi ritorni in mente, nel quale si manifestò il primo incrocio delle due voci che poi proseguì ne Il tempo di morire. In 1963 Mina's TV and radio career was interrupted by RAI, the Italian public broadcasting service, as she refused to cover up her relationship (and resulting pregnancy) with the married actor Corrado Pani. Retrieved 21 February 2008. She lives in Switzerland. Mina canta Battisti. [66] Her last concert appearances, a series of thirteen fully booked concerts at La Bussola in 1978, were cut short due to her illness. In a vote of 30,000 participants, "Se telefonando" emerged at the top of the list.[83]. Ho ventisette anni. 25 June 1961. Rimasi letteralmente estasiata. Come Foglie d’Estate …MASH … [7] The music critic Gherardo Gentili has noted her interpretive skills as:[75]. Mina - I miti. It was covered by numerous Italian and French duets. Si trova nell'album Mina Live '78, che celebra l'evento, con i brani della fantasia separati fra loro. The triple CD The Platinum Collection reached #1 on the Italian charts. Kyrie. [9] "L'eclisse twist" appeared on the flipside of "Renato", and was used on the soundtrack of Michelangelo Antonioni's feature film Eclipse. Mazzini canta Battisti Mina. Mina is a soprano with great agility[5] and a range of three octaves. [20] Her first Italian #1 hit was the up-tempo "Tintarella di luna" ("Moon Tan") in September 1959, which was performed in her first musicarello (musical comedy film), Juke box – Urli d'amore. Album ∙ Jan 1, 1990. Crocco died in a car accident in 1973. She turned his song "Se stasera sono qui" ("If I Stay Here Tonight") into a rigorous piece of soul music[18] in the score of Pino Calvi. Volevo saperne di più. It was recorded and issued as Mina Live '78.[66]. Wikipedia ∙ 1990. Amor mio, Insieme, Io e te da soli, Acqua azzurra, acqua chiara sono soli alcuni dei gioielli regalati alla vera ed unica signora della musica italiana. L’altra sera ha scoperto che non avevo fatto i compiti, ho farfugliato qualcosa in mia discolpa. A casa aspettavo il mio turno per sedermi davanti al pc fisso, quello con lo scatolone che ingombrava metà salotto e che condividevo con le mie sorelle. [55] A selection of songs from the series were issued as the album Canzonissima '68.[54]. [31] Three years later, her love affair with Corrado Pani challenged the moral foundations of Italy, a country where divorce was illegal and single motherhood was considered shameful. She began her career singing pop songs with a "jazzy" feel in the late 1950s. In 2001, Mina published the compilation album Colección Latina. The singer combined classic Italian pop with elements of blues, R&B and soul music during the late 1960s,[18] especially when she worked in collaboration with the singer-songwriter Lucio Battisti. [54] Other songs that RAI initially banned as immoral were "Ta-ra-ta-ta" (dealing forthrightly with smoking),[73] "La canzone di Marinella", and "L'importante è finire" (alluding to sex without love). Album ∙ Nov 27, 1980. [40][41] Her next single, "È l'uomo per me", a cover of Jody Miller's "He Walks Like a Man", became the biggest selling record of the year in Italy. Simultaneously, "Be Bop A Lula"/"When" was issued under the name Baby Gate for the international audience. Youtube; La mente torna Mina. The latter song was covered by several performers abroad. Sono seduta nel sedile posteriore dell’auto, una Ulisse grigia, e ad un certo punto «ogni notte ritornar per cercarla in qualche bar, domandare ‘ciao, che fai?’ e poi uscire insieme a lei». Starting in 1989, all of her records included the jazzy piano playing of Danilo Rea. 9:32. Do il mio consenso affinché un cookie salvi i miei dati (nome, email, sito web) per il prossimo commento. [20] Her concert in September 1958, before an audience of 2,500 people at the Theatre of Rivarolo del Re, won enthusiastic approval from local critics. La chiusura non poteva che essere affidata ad Emozioni, un capolavoro dove Mina e Battisti la interpretano in maniera intensa ed emotivamente eccelsa. In recent years, Mina has been writing a weekly column on the front page of La Stampa (from 2000 until 2011) and a page in the Italian edition of the magazine Vanity Fair, where she answered fan letters (from 2003 until 2015).[22]. [20], While on summer holiday in Versilia on 8 August 1958, Mazzini gave an improvised performance of the song "Un'anima tra le mani" to amuse her family after a concert at the La Bussola night club. Their son, Massimiliano Pani, was born on 18 April 1963. E’ una bella giornata d’inverno e mio padre sta accompagnando me e mia sorella a scuola. [54] Another interpretation of a Dionne Warwick song was "La voce del silenzio" ("Silent Voices") by Paolo Limiti and Elio Isola, presented in a live session during the show. The starlet signed with Elio Gigante, an experienced artist manager. Mina continues to publish gold selling albums to the present. As a result of their marriage, her legal name was changed to Anna Maria Mazzini Crocco. [11][22] Her extravagant gestures earned her another nickname – The Tigress of Cremona (la Tigre di Cremona). All of Mina's records under the PDU label have reached the Italian Top 100. [21] After finishing high school in 1958, she attended college where she majored in accounting. Mina was the hostess of the series alongside Raffaella Carrà. Mina's last live TV appearance was the final episode of the Milleluci series on 16 March 1974. Although born in a small town of Lombardy, she grew up in Cremona city: where her nickname of "Cremona Tiger" was given to her by her friend, the journalist Natalia Aspesi. Mina's great love of the late 1960s, with whom she had a relationship that lasted three years and almost led to marriage, was the composer Augusto Martelli. Partì proprio lui, accompagnato da «cinque amici arrivati da Milano», che con la sua voce naive interpretò Insieme, senza Mina. E’ un nuvoloso pomeriggio di primavera e per giunta in piena pandemia. "Mina ha conquistato la Germania", ("Mina has conquered Germany". [11] The public also labeled her the "Tigress of Cremona" for her wild gestures and body shakes. Daniele Silvestri - Come eravamo 2. Paradiso Mina canta Battisti Tg1 Speciale di Vincenzo Mollica Speciale Tg1 domenica 2 dicembre 2018 Leggi tutto. This resulted in millions of visits to the site on that night, and additional millions on following days. Ci ha privato di uno stadio della sua vita che avremmo voluto condividere come tutti i mortali e questo non ci è stato possibile. Mina, stage name of Anna Maria Mazzini (March 25, 1940, Busto Arsizio, Province of Varese), is an Italian singer. “Ma quanto sono belle le canzoni scritte da Battisti e Mogol e interpretate da Mina?”, mi ero chiesta. Perché no Lyrics. Chiudo gli occhi. Poi continuarono. The latter two albums were recorded during a break from live performances to give birth to her daughter Benedetta.